Knowledge that Empowers: Insights that Dominate

We focus on the future intentions of your market and your ability to predict revenue.

SAGUITY’s mission is to empower businesses to realise their ultimate potential by mastering client experience to predictably lead their market.

Ever wondered how No.1 companies dominate their market with extreme client loyalty and manage to innovate client value, rewarding them with the highest margins?


SAGUITY (meaning wise insight) has innovated a scientific approach to client experience and loyalty by creating the metric, The Client Appreciation Index (CA Index).

This metric is unrivalled in the CX sector where many are still measuring ‘customer satisfaction’

Customer satisfaction is worthless, customer loyalty is EVERYTHING.

Satisfaction measures average; if you are average, you are unremarkable, unmemorable and irrelevant to your market. Businesses measuring average are usually stuck in the price trap of discounting and loyalty schemes and have little stability or knowledge about their clients’ future behaviours.

Without the correct measurement, businesses cannot benchmark correctly to create extreme client loyalty and lead their market.

By 2016, the SAGUITY team have conducted over 450,000 real time interviews across multiple industries and enlightened 100s of clients to unique insights that enabled them to rise in their markets. SAGUITY has the capability to assist all businesses from SMEs to national or global companies with multiple franchises/dealerships/locations and provide an innovative loyalty benchmarking system that qualifies the most accurate measurement available in predicting future revenue and client behaviour, The Client Appreciation Index.












SAGUITY has put science to the human experience resulting in progressive service insights, enabling businesses to efficiently increase profitably.

The CA Index provides a strategic approach identifying heart drivers (emotion) and head drivers (logic). 

Since its inception in 2014, the CA Index has delivered profound results for companies and individuals who are committed to the highest standards of service integrity and have a rigorous approach to optimising their client experience.

The CA Index’s depth of research, insight and data into the human service experience is innovating the CX sector. SAGUITY has proven only real-time dialogue with clients can capture the essence of a WOW service experience. 

Online surveys are flawed and mystery shoppers don’t get the right type of knowledge needed to turn insights into predictable growth.

SAGUITY is renowned for taking good and committed companies to becoming great companies, and enabling great companies to maintain and advance their market leading position. 

Intelligent businesses are implementing The CA Index and instilling the insights as KPIs into their business structure.

 SAGUITY is not just an authority in the CX sector; we are the innovators of a unique metric that allows you to revolutionise your business beyond the client experience.

We focus on the future intentions of your market and the ability to predict revenue.

Our process enables our clients to have more clarity and understanding of their market with sophisticated precision, unsurpassed by any other known method.

No matter how big or small your client base is, The Client Appreciation Index will enable powerful strategies for growth that can be tested and measured to enable the most effective and profitable strategies.

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