What Our Clients Say

Top brands use SAGUITY to identify exactly what makes them No.1. Our clients are those who are serious about quality client service and want to understand how to drive sales growth from client retention and referrals.


Clarity. Understanding. Commitment. 


“Our company has grown considerably over the last 3-4 years and we’re outstripping our competitors.  Having Saguity’s clarity and understanding of our customers’ needs coupled with our complete commitment to excellent customer experience, positively impacts our bottom line.

Crews are rewarded based on Saguity’s feedback and the Tour Director of the Year Award is partially judged on criteria from a direct result of feedback forms. APT lives and breathes best practice in customer service and Saguity are our partners in the process. Recommending them is easy. If you want to truly understand your customers’ experience, Saguity gives you a picture of where you are, where you need to be and how to get there.”
John Barnett, CROPPEDAPT new logo

John Barnett

Executive General Manager Operations

APT Group

Integrity. Credibility. Support. 


"I’d recommend Saguity to mature organisations who want to measure for improvement and growth and who want to achieve a 10/10 score. Saguity has the integrity and credibility to interpret the results, prioritise, help us really understand and give us a practical approach to improvement and support us on the journey to get there.

With their strategy and support, Saguity are helping my management team grow, develop and own an improved customer experience and they’re helping me in my role to prioritise and deliver. Client appreciation measurement and supporting continuous improvement has become embedded in our organisation because of a real partnership in action with Saguity.”

Geoff Baily, cropped
685a9d_56056e8c3d7841ab8c7042d55cd6cf6eGeoff Bailey

Executive General Manager



Our best interests at heart.  

"Over the last four years as we’ve been on our corporate culture improvement journey, our sales growth has been exceptional. Being able to measure the results via Saguity’s survey and reporting processes, we have the tangible evidence to show what we are doing is working. The experience of dealing with Saguity, the enthusiasm, passion and the results adds a lot of value to us.

The workshops run by Darrell about customer appreciation and the advice and ideas are given freely, generously and with our best interest at heart. Recommending Saguity is simple. If you are looking to understand your clients, to get beyond the mundane and find out what matters to them, call Saguity.”


Dan lovell cropped


Dan Lovell

Managing Director
Karndean Design Flooring 

On time. Tangible. Measurable. 

"I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Darrell and the SAGUITY Team to any business who wishes to improve their customer experience and grow sales. Darrell and his team offer on-time, measurable and tangible results with learning outcomes for businesses and continuous improvement plans for future implementation."


Martin Holloway

Business Development Manager at STIHL

Gained Competitive Advantage.

"Saguity is the stethoscope on the heartbeat of our market. We gain competitive advantage from our client feedback."

Grant Parker
CEO at Horseland


Impressed. Valuable data.

"We are very impressed with the depth of analysis and their approach to the presentation of data. We now have a very clear snapshot of where we stand as an organisation and where we can improve. We now have data, as opposed to vague ideas."

Robert Krastic
Managing Director at Sharper Cleaning



Amazing. Knowledge. Evidence. 

"For my organisation, the learnings were amazing. The statistics pointed out our obvious challenges in repeat business whilst highlighting our strengths, and showing our weaknesses. Many of which we suspected, but now had hard core evidence.

For me the shining light from the survey was the impact it had on my team. They all want to be delivering a 10/10 client experience and through Darrell's presentation skills and knowledge, he was able to step my team through why you fail on anything less than a 10/10 experience and how to remedy the situation. To me that was the greatest benefit. I now know exactly what it takes to achieve a 10/10 and my team are 100% on board with me."

Lynne Wilton
Founder & Author at Solid Group



Insight. Results. Success. 

"If you are committed to quality in your business and want crystal clear insight as to what your customers really think about your business or brand, SAGUITY Research is in a league of their own. Not only do they deliver untainted results, they give you a predictable process to move quickly towards the results you need to achieve to be successful.

The insights we have gained at Tyack Health by using them I don't believe we could have gained using other similar companies".

Joel Tyack
Managing Director at Tyack Health