Internal Responsibility- Defining a Great Team

  Business leaders are aware that their team plays a critical role in the success of the business and delivery of client experience; but many struggle with know how to implement and sustain a great team culture.   Ideally everyone in a business would have internal responsibility, paired with high personal motivation and desire to Read More …


The Secret to Optimal Business Growth

  Every business leader knows it’s at least seven times more expensive to buy a new client over getting an existing one to return; yet very few invest in client retention. It’s a conundrum plaguing many companies, while market leaders enjoy the benefits of client retention and its compounding effect across client referrals, wallet share, Read More …


How we made our client over 100k in one day

  It’s often said knowledge is power; yet we all know applied knowledge is power, and only if the knowledge creates tangible benefits.   Time and again we’ve seen great leaders and CEOs understand the difference between “important over urgent” and “long term success over short term finances”. They keep their eye on the real Read More …


80% of Business owners won’t know this and it’s hurting them

While it’s common knowledge that the world’s best CEOs and leaders invest in their client experience; many medium and large sized business are still grappling with the fact that their clients are worthy of investment. Many more don’t know the most vital, and basic things about their clients.   The following questions are not for Read More …


Why Satisfaction is only the Starting Point of Earning Client Loyalty

“Extreme client loyalty is waiting to be earned, but satisfaction is not the key to earning.” – Darrell Hardidge, Founder |CEO, SAGUITY, Author of “The Client Revolution” Join our morning strategy workshop in Melbourne 29 Nov 2016    Does your business deliver a satisfactory client experience? Is this what you aim for in your practices and processes Read More …


The Right Mindset: Earning Lifelong Loyalty from your Clients

When undertaking a diet you’re aware of two important things; that change is required, and that there is a clear goal for what your end result should be. That’s the easy part. The difficulty comes in having the motivation and determination to follow through with that diet, make the necessary changes and then maintaining those Read More …


The Client Revolution: What is Happening?

  Revolution: an utter upheaval and alteration of the status quo.   Revolutions reshape not only the structure of the status quo but also how it operates and how it is perceived. They cause visible and undeniable change, at every level its impact touches. By its nature, revolution also has tremendous exponential momentum, once unleashed Read More …


The Goldmine of Goodwill: How Client Equity Cements the High Value of Your Company

  In our research and data gathering spanning hundreds of thousands of interviews; without fail we have found that the cultivation of a high client appreciation value is paramount to the ultimate success of any business.   While we often discuss how this benefits companies in their day-to-day transactions, client flow, and revenue gain; this Read More …

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Minimising Variation: The First Step to Saving a Fortune

For over fifty years, the advice and philosophies of a man named W. Edwards Deming have directly led to companies across the world becoming the leaders of their industries. Toyota, Honda, Canon and a huge number of other companies all owe their success to the practices Deming put in place for efficient and evolving quality Read More …

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How to Kill Customer Loyalty

Smart businesses are becoming very aware of the need to optimise their customer service and customer experience (CX); those who have true customer loyalty can withstand any unexpected yet inevitable business hurdles.   We live in a dynamic and complicated world where consumers have more choice at their fingertips than ever before; attaining true customer Read More …


A Leaking Loyalty Bucket: Why Satisfied Clients Cost a Fortune

“How long does it take to fill a bucket full of holes?”   The client appreciation scores that clients give a business identifies their service experience and loyalty as a client. We’ve seen multiple instances where clients award a 7/10 or an 8/10 on their service experience and still have a strong tendency to wallet-share Read More …

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Is your Business stuck in the Price Trap?

  The Price Trap is a damaging cycle of discounts and sales that keeps businesses stuck with slim margins; companies are often unaware of how to escape it. An illusion exists that being different from your competition always makes you better. It is the habit of too many companies to get caught up in conducting Read More …

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Positive Deviance: The Secret Weapon of Success

When you take a look at any business, large or small, you will always see the Positive Deviance factor. If you were to measure a company on a bell curve, with 68% in the middle, 13% on the side fringes, and the 3% at either end: Positive Deviance is that top 3%.   In terms Read More …


Why do the world’s best CEOs invest in customer experience?

  Why do companies like Amazon, Apple, Virgin, Zappos dominate their markets and continue to grow no matter what the climate? It’s simple: they have a different mentality around investing in the client experience process.   So much is invested in client acquisition yet very little is invested in client retention. Most have heard the Read More …

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Commit to the 10/10 Client Experience: Commit to Success

How word-of-mouth advertising is a goldmine of value that costs nothing in the marketing budget and pays everything in client value.   In today’s world clients have the power of the Internet at their fingertips, making them more informed about the products and services they want, who provides them, what those providers are doing to Read More …


Three steps to become Relevant to your Market

“When you are average, you have absolutely no relevance to your market.” SAGUITY CEO Darrell Hardidge   To become hyper-relevant to your market has little to do with luck, product or business structure.  The path to hyper-relevance and leading  your market requires extensive inspection over expectation,  and an unwavering commitment to professional integrity. The best Read More …

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Customers Vs Clients: Appreciation Vs Satisfaction

Measuring ‘satisfaction’ is not servicing today’s dynamic consumer; even at its best result, you win at being average. Many understand that success is a mindset; however, if you’re familiar with ‘customer satisfaction’ over ‘Client Appreciation’, no matter how good your mindset is, you are missing critical insight that is needed for businesses to rise in Read More …


How Relevant are you to your Market?

The biggest mistake you can make regarding client loyalty is assuming you are highly relevant. If the only measurement you have is the opinions of yourself and your team, then you are at risk of reduced sales and margins. How relevant are you to your market and your clients? Do they need your specific style Read More …


What is your Hidden Turning Point?

Hidden opportunities exist in every business and it pays to find them. Every business has hidden turning points that set them in a particular direction; these are powerful (known or unknown) people, situations or opportunities occurring daily. Some turning points are recognised with hindsight; however, many happen inconspicuously. What are the hidden turning points occurring now, Read More …


How-to get the Edge in Client Service Standards

What defines a quality client experience? The golden rule of 10/10 client service is summed up in W. Edwards Deming’s distinction of Quality. The world’s greatest brands like Toyota, Honda and Cannon follow this distinction as the foundation of their service process, taught to them by Deming. Maximum Client Appreciation is the holy grail of Read More …




The Magic of ‘Going Beyond Expected’ in the CX Sector

In the video below Comedian Bill Riggs aptly explains why good service is not rewarded and how ‘satisfied’ does not create client loyalty. At Saguity we’ve known for a long time that ‘going beyond expected’ is what’s needed by No.1 companies to separate themselves in the fog of irrelevance. We know the difference in client Read More …

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Published in The Australia Times Business Magazine

  SAGUITY CEO Darrell Hardidge has been published in The Australia Times (TAT) Business Magazine. The article, ‘How Relevant are you to your Market?‘ was first published on the company blog, before being posted on LinkedIn and noticed by a TAT Editor.   You can read the article on our blog, or The Australia Times website.

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Protected: 5 Business Benefits of Client Appreciation Report

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Embrace the Positive Deviants in your Business

  Positive Deviant: A person in your business who does the right thing in the best interests of your company by deviating from the usual way of doing things. All companies have positive deviants; however, you may not know who they are without some compelling evidence. They are the ones who set the rules on Read More …


How to create Undying Client Loyalty

How the Dynamic Value Ladder Reaches for Success If you are going to put the effort into building a great client experience process, you might as well build the best you can. There’s no point in creating an “average experience”, when you are creating your business you should be aiming to make it the best Read More …


How Client Loyalty can Boost your Goodwill Value

When a company has extreme client loyalty, where the vast majority score 10/10 for client appreciation, you have predictability. These clients will return and refer others. Companies with lower scores will have an equal and opposite reaction that is just as predictable. As the score lowers, the client base will start to move their custom Read More …


How to Create a 10 out of 10 Client Experience

What is the basic message of retaining clients in these days of lost loyalty? The key is always in how you serve them and give a great client experience. A company isn’t going to be profitable if they’re giving average service standards. You have to go above and beyond the norm to be something different, Read More …


Smashing the Loyalty Myth – An Interview with Darrell Hardidge, Saguity

Complacency is the killer of innovation. Too often in Australia we see companies living by the mantra of “Near enough is good enough”, when it comes to maintaining and improving their client loyalty factors.   Just because it worked in the past does not mean you can rely on it in the future. Business is Read More …